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The story is about two factions came to Earth, because of a number of “events”, leading to both shape drastic change (also explains the two series of styles for different reasons). Also because of these “events”, Transformers to hide in the human society. How to balance all relations is Optimus Prime as leader will face challenges, the title of the work is also resulting. Download Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons 2013 Full Movie with fast downloading speed without creates any account. Download movies free without fill any registration form. Set up as a 2010 game series “War for Cybertron Sai Botan war” successor story. Nevertheless, there is in the design style is very different: “race” is a biased traditional animation, comic characters, and the “leader” is biased style live-action films in recent years, and even an important role in the human form and deformation patterns are associated with movie is very close. It is worth mentioning that the leaders of the two factions of the second voice of Optimus Prime and Megatron, who is returning to the dream combination: the first generation of animation from Peter Cullen and Frank Welker! They work away from the TV version of the Transformers years later, back together again plays this pair of classic rival!

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