World War Z: where are we now?

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Did you like the World War Z movie, in which Brad Pitt plays a memorable role amidst hordes of zombies? A video game of the same name is in progress and new information has leaked, we tell you everything!

Warner Bros studio Saber Interactive and took advantage of Game Awards 2017 for revealing the existence of a future game in production, ie the game World War Z . The most insightful will say ” like the movie? ” Well yes, Saber Interactive said that the game would be very much about the film, both on the sets and on the behavior of the zombies.


World War Z: hordes of zombies arrive this year

Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive has indeed leaked some info in an interview with PlayStation UK. We know for example that you will go to several cities to try to stop this zombie apocalypse, such as New York, Moscow, Jerusalem or the Korean aerodrome in the freemovies123. The CEO said that other places will be present and without spoiler for the film of 2019, some cities will be added!


In the film, Brad Pitt was in mode ” must I get away from it as soon as possible “, in the game you will not have that chance, it will face the hordes of zombies frontally and say that it will be particularly impressive. More than one player will pay great scares! This game will be multiplayer, which will not be too much to try to kill thousands of zombies at the same time. In addition, it will also rotate your neurons 200 km / h, because to brake or block a horde, it is possible to use the elements of the scenery, to explode cars, to set traps upstream, to create barricades and much more.

The game World War Z will be a TPS in the style of Resident Evil 4 sd Movie point, concretely that means that the camera offering the angle of view will be located above the shoulder of the player, a way to offer scenes really shuddering and to feel the pressure of hordes of zombies coming towards you.

For the moment, the news stop there, we do not know yet the release date of World War Z, but the title is expected for 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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