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Cinema is a powerful therapeutic tool, although we forget about it when we have a bad time. All too often we are not aware that our cultural habits can significantly influence our well-being. Who has not felt a little sad the same night in which he has swallowed a drama in the cinema and yet never related his mood with that film? And at the same time, how many of us have not felt a little better after watching a funny movie on online free downloads, better yet, with a happy ending in which we feel that the characters in the end have gotten what they have spent two hours looking for?

It is often used the name of feel good movies to name those cinematographic works that seek to make the viewer feel a little better, despite dealing with generally hard subjects. Or maybe this is what really explains their success since they usually suggest that as bad as things go, there will always be room for hope. As research carried out at the University of Ohio showed, tragedies influence more positively on viewers than comedies, since it helps them to better value what they have.

Perhaps that is why so many of these films approach negative issues (depression, illness, unemployment, etc.) from a positive perspective, a perfect formula that seems to guarantee their massive (and international) success. The list is very long, and many of the great successes of the last years can fit into that category.


City Lights of Charles Chaplin, 1931

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One of Chaplin’s Classic, in which he gives life to a tramp trying to help the blind girl he’s fallen in love with. This is perhaps the most important revision of the metaphor of blindness in the history of cinema: the “now I can see” pronounced by the young woman at

the end of the feature is the best memory that appearances deceive.

Sullivan’s Travels of Preston Sturges, 1941

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The Great Depression was paradoxically, an important breeding ground for American comedy, although nowadays more memorable films like (The Graphes of Wrath, John ford, 1940). This Odyssey for the poorer America that has so much influenced the Coen brother reminds us, ultimately, of the power of cinema to overcome adversity.

Life in a Thread of Edgar Neville, 1945

Postwar Spain does not seem the most appropriate place for the proliferation of sophisticated comedies, but between Juan de orduna and Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia a large number of films inspired by the comedy of Italian white telephones that today have fallen into oblivion. This work of the versatile Edgar Neville treats with lightness and humor the relations of pair in a moment of the Spanish history marked by the national catholic morality, and for that reason, it continues surprising more than 60 years later.

The Best Year of Our Lives of William Wyler, 1946

One of those feature films that highlights Hollywood’s ability to channel national suffering (in the case, the aftermath of World War II) into great productions where all the citizens could be reflected. This William Wyler masterpiece swept the Oscar awards, where he won seven statues, thanks to the good work of his director and screenwriter Robert Sherwood, who took advantage of his experience as a speechwriter for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Singin’ in the Rain of Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly, 1952

Although there are dozens of music from the golden era of Hollywood that could have figured in this list, funny review of the transition from silent to talkies and the positive formula that gives the film its title makes it a good candidate to be dusted in times of Bajona.

Playtime (Jacques Tati, 1967)

An acidic critique of modern life in general and urban homogenization in particular, there may not be another time of debauchery, noise and chaos similar to the long sequence of the feast which concludes the film, starring Tati himself, who plays the unforgettable Mr. Hulot.

Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown (Pedro Almodovar, 1988)

The one that is probably the most accomplished (and accessible) comedy director’s, a perfect blend of John Waters with ‘screwball comedy’ helps us to relativize our problems before this collection of psychotic jealous, eccentric taxi drivers, gazpacho Valium and Islamic terrorists.

Groundhog Day, Harold Ramis, 1993

A Dickensian tale for the selfishness of the protagonist, Phil (played by Billy Murray), you will discover how the only way to leave the nightmare that is trapped is helping others.

Up of Pete Doctor, Bob Peterson, 2009

Needless influence once again about the brilliance of the assembly sequence that sums up the life of Carl Frederickson with his wife and gives us a good idea of what you need a movie to fit within this category: a little drama, a little love, a little humor and a happy ending.

Le Havre Aki Kaurismäki, 2011

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Aki Kaurismäki’s films are often characterized by a certain laconic and blackness that hinder their access to the general public only on the full movie downloads free of cost

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