Seven top most Christmas movies

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On these very marked dates, the television channels frequently resort to their film catalog background to fill the grill. The families, gathered around the small screen, are quickly divided into two groups: those who protest to have to attend the umpteenth retransmission of how beautiful it is to live! (What a Wonderful Life, 1945), the classic Frank Capra, and those who greet it as a Christmas custom as mandatory as champagne or matasuegras. Get free Movie Download Website for top Christmas movies.

If you cannot against the enemy, join him. If for some reason different Christmas films differ, it is to provide a moral that usually tends to remember the value of family and solidarity over money and selfishness. Some lessons that we all know are not always implemented let alone in a scenario where competitiveness is an essential value.

Many of these films are imbued with a certain didactic of Christian origins; other of them, simply, by the Christmas spirit of the feel-good movies that, seems, relaxes the hatreds and favors the understanding. But what has the big screen taught us through these cinematographic works?


  1. What a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra, 1946

download movies for freeThe fortune of George Baily, a small banker who is on the verge of bankruptcy, would have been very different from his guardian angel, who would make him see what the world would be like without his existence: much worse. The film reminds us not only that, in the end, and as Paul McCartney sang, “the love we give is equal to the love we receive “, but also, that we should never give up for granted. An increasingly relevant message in a society not so different from the Great Depression.


  1. Disney’s a Christmas Carol, Robert Zemeckis, 2009

full length movie downloadOne of the stories most frequently adapted to the big screen, and here we present in the latest version, directed by Robert Zemeckis for Disney. There is no Christmas story better known than Ebenezer Scrooge (played in this case by Jim Carrey ), the grumpy businessman whose life changes after receiving the visit of the Spirit of Christmas past, present and future. Do not have to visit a ghost to change our behavior.

  1. Family Man (Brett Ratner, 2000)

free full movies onlineDuring the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as we have already seen with Christmas tale, a common moral was to remind the wealthy man that his fortune is not everything. From the middle of the twentieth century, and especially the spread of the greed of neoliberalism, the message also includes that work is not everything. The memory of the importance of family life is the main theme of this feature starring Nicholas Cage, who plays a selfish Wall Street broker.


  1. Love Actually (Richard Curtis, 2003)

full movie downloadThis reflection on the comings and goings of love may not fit into the prototype Christmas film, but that runs on those dates helps to accurately examine the love life of its choral cast. Some of them, satisfied with their relationship, have reaped what they have received; others simply fall victim to the disregard of their partners. Not everyone gets what they want, but they are able to get ahead with their life, seems to suggest this modern romantic classic  only on online movie downloads site.


  1. Miracle on 34th Street, George Seaton, 1947

full free movie downloadsThe title says it all, and maybe that’s why it’s one of the most controversial feature films presented here. The film suggests, thanks to that girl who does not believe in Santa Claus and that real Santa Claus that takes the place of an old man who is indisposed, that the important thing is to maintain our illusions (since it will make us more happy). It was the subject of a remake starring in 1997 by Richard Attenborough.

  1. Joyeux Noël, Christian Carion, 2005

movies without membershipNot only has fantasy been able to teach us about our own lives, but, as so often happens, reality overcomes fiction. It is the case of this feature based on the truce that took place in 1914 when German soldiers, French and Scottish entrenched were able to put aside their differences to share a football game on Christmas Eve.


  1. Gremlins (Joe Dante, 1984)

movie download siteAnother regular movie on the television grid that does not look like the most instructive film in the world. How come? The next time you have to educate your children to take care of that pet they have received as a holiday gift, it can be useful to project the runs of Gizmo and other beings of their species to learn to respect the rules.

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