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“Cassandra’s Dream” in 2007

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Like almost every year, it competes with the cinema of Woody Allen. This time, the New York master has made a slow psychological thriller, which tells the story of Ian (Ewan McGregor) and Terry (Colin Farell), two financially troubled brothers who are tempted by his uncle (Tom Wilkinson) to break the law, test their moral appeal, and provoke a series of events that will lead to unexpected consequences. Get complete story by download free full movie.

“The Invasion” in 2007

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The queen returns from the undercard, the Australian Nicole Kidman , and does it with the last James Bond, Daniel Craig . The film is an adaptation of the novel by Jack Finney twice taken to the screen, being the most famous the one of 1956, The invasion of the robbers of bodies . Invasion talks about how the explosion and subsequent dispersal of the pieces of a spacecraft contaminated by strange microparticles spreads a virus that causes people to stop being who they are and become automata without feelings. The plague will spread throughout the Earth, but the psychiatrist interpreted by Kidman will try by all means to avoid being contaminated.

“STARDUST” in 2007

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The director of Organized Crime and Snatch, pigs and diamonds , Matthew Vaughn – and Claudia Schiffer ‘s spouse – directs the adaptation to the big screen of the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman . For this it counts on a stellar distribution: Michelle Pfeiffer , Sienna Miller , Robert de Niro or Claire Danes . The film tells the story of a young man coming to the other side of the wall, a place full of fantasy and magic in search of a fallen star with which to get the hand of the beautiful Victoria. The trip will become the biggest adventure for a territory where pirates captains, witches and even their mother who did not know.

“EARTH” in 2007

Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield have spent 5 years working to collect the most beautiful images on the planet. Filmed in 26 different countries, this documentary that can be seen in many cinemas in Spain is a song to the beauty of our planet and a reminder of the fragility of the place where we live. Using the sun as a guide, he sets off for an exciting trip to the Arctic, where a family of polar bears awakens in search of food before the thaw. Half a world away, an elephant and her brood must share the sparse water available with a herd of lions. There is also a humpback whale’s journey on its 6,000 mile migration to Antarctica, during which it will fight to keep its creature safe.

SAW IV in 2007

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The most profitable horror saga in the history of cinema returns with a new installment in which Darren Lynn Bousman tests the scare to the public with the macabre machinations of Jigsaw, the terminal psychotic sick person to whom Tobin Bell gives life . Get free download film saw all parts.

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