Eleven speeches by big stars that are life lessons

The Oscars, the Goya, the Golden Globes or the Grammys leave many awards, dresses and ‘glamor’, but also speeches with messages of draft.

We are in the middle of awards ceremonies (the Golden Globes opened this January, the Grammys arrive on January 28, the Goya are on February 3 and the Oscars are celebrated on March 4) and almost as expected as the Winners is the speech they will give. The power of three minutes before millions of spectators around the world is tempting to dedicate the prize to loved ones, to make social or political demands or, simply, to release a great joke.

About three minutes that today, in full fever of the viral, have much more life in multiplatform networks. We have selected excerpts from speeches of the Oscars, the Goya, the Emmy and the Grammy that are worth rescuing, even if only to check if those three minutes and watch free movie online their influence really worth something.

1.Remind people that if you have done it, they can also By Lupita Nyong’o, picking up her Oscar for best supporting actress in 2014 for ‘12 years of slavery


“When I look at this golden statue I want to remind myself and every child that is watching me that no matter where you are from: your dreams are valid.”

2.Dedicate your prize to those you had to stop paying attention to earn it By Antonio Banderas, picking up his Goya of honor in 2015


“I dedicate this award to someone who may have suffered more from my passion for film, my prolonged absences, my professional commitments, it’s the person from whom I lost the best shots, the best sequences and, nevertheless, it was my best production I dedicate this award asking forgiveness to you, Stella del Carmen, to you, my daughter. ”

3.Remember those who have traveled your same path, but have not had your luck By Halle Berry, picking up the first Oscar for best actress in history for a black woman in 2002 for ‘Monster Ball


“This moment is much bigger than I. This moment is for Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Diahann Carroll , Jada Pinkett, Angela Basset and Vivica A. Fox, those women who have walked with me and for all those names that belonged to a woman black faceless, because now they have a chance, that door has opened tonight. ”

4.Defend with passion your positions and what you believe in By Michael Moore, Oscar for Best Long Documentary for ‘Bowling for Columbine‘ in 2003


“We love non-fiction, but we live in fictitious times, we have fictitious election results and a fictitious president, we have a president who sends us to war for fictitious reasons, we are against him, Mr. Bush, I should be ashamed, sir. Bush! I should be ashamed! ”

5.Appreciate the lessons that your first teachers gave you By Jamie Foxx, Oscar for best actor for ‘Ray‘ in 2005


“My daughter calls herself like my grandmother, Marie, she is not here with us today, but she was my first acting teacher, she said to me: ‘Stand up straight, lift your shoulders, act like you have common sense’. I fluttered and said to myself: ‘Be as if we were in an important place.’ When I acted like an idiot, he would give me a slap, but then he would talk to me and explain why I had done it, he would say: ‘I want you to be a gentleman from the south. He still does it, only now he speaks to me only in my dreams, and I can not wait to go to bed today, because we have a lot to talk about.

6.Recognize your mistakes and remember them By Sean Penn, picking up the Oscar for best actor for ‘My name is Harvey Milk‘ in 2009


“To speak clearly: I know how difficult it is for you to get it right”.

7.Save a place in your speech to put your enemies in their place By Taylor Swift, picking the Grammy for best record of the year for ‘1989‘ in 2016


“As the first woman to win the Grammy twice for best record of the year, I want to tell all women to listen to me that there are going to be people along the way who will try to underestimate your successes, or take credit for your achievements or your But if you concentrate on your work and do not let those people deviate you one day, when you reach your destination, you will look around and know that it was only you and the people who love you that led you there. the best feeling in the world. ” Although not named, Swift’s darts are aimed at the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Watch full show on hd movie point without any cost.

8.Seize the moment to claim that so necessary called equality By Patricia Arquette, picking up the Oscar for best supporting actress for ‘Boyhood‘ in 2015

“To all women who stop, to all those who pay taxes, to all women citizens, we have fought for the rights of all others! It is time to have equal pay at once and equal rights for women!”

9.Remember those who have the money to invest with their heads and also with their hearts By Cate Blanchett, picking up the Oscar for best actress for ‘Blue Jasmine‘ in 2014

“Maybe those in the industry who still cling to the stupid idea that movies with female protagonist characters are for a smaller audience are not, the public wants to see them and, in fact, they earn a lot of money. It’s round, gentlemen! ”

10.He points out that talent is nothing without an opportunity to show it By Viola Davis, picking up the Emmy for Best Leading Actress in a drama for ‘How to defend a murderer‘ in 2015


“The only thing that separates women of color from any other is an opportunity, you can not win an Emmy for a role they have not even offered you.”

11.Never forget the place where you were born By Penélope Cruz, picking up the Oscar for best supporting actress for ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘ in 2009


“I was born in a place called Alcobendas, where this was not a very realistic dream.”

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