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independence dayThe aliens return to finish what they started. But in this case, the earth has evolved (somewhat so amazing for just twenty years …) taking advantage of the technology of the aliens. Perhaps this is one of the biggest differences and losses charm that encunted in the contrast between Independence Day and the other. The first was more in the enclave of post – apocalyptic future, end of the world cinema (very trademark of Emmerich) and, instead, the second strongest commitment to science fiction pure and simple. While the Earth remains the main area of development, films like Star Wars or Star Trek will come on more than one occasion to head for viewing, and the development of special effects makes them want to get more in this regard. Of course, the film commitment evasion and entertainment pure and simple as happened with the previous one . Download Movie Free from without Paying anything.

Fort Emmerich has never been the development of characters and their development, despite trying to give some background (hence the early days may be long in excess until the action reaches), these, in the best case are poor and topics, at worst, ridiculous and cartoonish

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