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Seven top most Christmas movies

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On these very marked dates, the television channels frequently resort to their film catalog background to fill the grill. The families, gathered around the small screen, are quickly divided into two groups: those who protest to have to attend the umpteenth retransmission of how beautiful it is to live! (What a Wonderful Life, 1945), the classic Frank Capra, and… Read more »

The Nine most summer films

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Whether as a commercial claim or as a stamp of childhood or adolescent nostalgia, summer has been strolling through countless films throughout the history of cinema. Sometimes fun and festive. In others, dyed with melancholy. More than one film bears the word ‘summer’ in its title and, on more than… Read more »

Download I Am Ali 2014 Movie

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I Am Ali is divided into several chapters, each assigned to one eyewitness or companion and thus a stage of life Muhammad Ali. So the son, the daughters and ex-wives come to the same word as the Manager, the opponent in the ring or a fan who was allowed to… Read more »