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Hollywood Movies of the week

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“Cassandra’s Dream” in 2007 Like almost every year, it competes with the cinema of Woody Allen. This time, the New York master has made a slow psychological thriller, which tells the story of Ian (Ewan McGregor) and Terry (Colin Farell), two financially troubled brothers who are tempted by his uncle (Tom Wilkinson)… Read more »

Seven top most Christmas movies

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On these very marked dates, the television channels frequently resort to their film catalog background to fill the grill. The families, gathered around the small screen, are quickly divided into two groups: those who protest to have to attend the umpteenth retransmission of how beautiful it is to live! (What a Wonderful Life, 1945), the classic Frank Capra, and… Read more »

The day that Hollywood invented the machine to censor movies

Classic Hollywood has some parallel reality where marriages rarely share bed, where there is no homosexuality or interracial love. The dream factory drew a world in which institutions (almost) always worked and the wicked received their punishment. Among other reasons, because that of American cinema is also a history of… Read more »

Top ten Hollywood Comedy Movies

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Cinema is a powerful therapeutic tool, although we forget about it when we have a bad time. All too often we are not aware that our cultural habits can significantly influence our well-being. Who has not felt a little sad the same night in which he has swallowed a drama in the cinema… Read more »

The Nine most summer films

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Whether as a commercial claim or as a stamp of childhood or adolescent nostalgia, summer has been strolling through countless films throughout the history of cinema. Sometimes fun and festive. In others, dyed with melancholy. More than one film bears the word ‘summer’ in its title and, on more than… Read more »

Download Independence Day: Resurgence Movie

independence day

The aliens return to finish what they started. But in this case, the earth has evolved (somewhat so amazing for just twenty years …) taking advantage of the technology of the aliens. Perhaps this is one of the biggest differences and losses charm that encunted in the contrast between Independence… Read more »

Download Hotel Transylvania 2 2015 Movie

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Hotel Transylvania 2 2015 Movie

Mavis, the daughter of Count Dracula, is married to a man named Johnny and end up having a son named Dennis. Now, as a grandfather worried, Dracula hastily put in campaign to get the monster that the little one’s in the blood, while must deal with the possibility that the… Read more »

Download Hungerford 2014 Movie

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Download Hungerford 2014 Movie

Cowen Rosewell lives with tiny cluster of previous friends during a seedy flat during a small English city. Like several teens effort college in 2014, there area unit few prospects or opportunities for folks like Cowen and he has registered on a BTEC media course as the simplest way of… Read more »

Download Dark Vision 2015 Movie

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Dark Vision

  Dark Vision is a reality show holding a contest wherever viewers get to work out the fate of assorted competitor paranormal investigation groups. The viewers vote that team they just like the best and also the winning team gets their own paranormal reality TV series. There’s a complete of… Read more »